The Town of Thessalon benefits from Ontario Support for Main Streets

Residents and small businesses of the Town of Thessalon have benefited from the Government of Ontario’s Main Street Revitalization Initiative. This initiative makes an investment in Ontario communities’ main street(s) that will help support and grow small business and improve the aesthetic appeal of main street areas.

The Town of Thessalon received $38, 783.19 over two years, beginning in 2018. The Town purchased and installed Flower Planters, Benches, and Garbage Receptacles to beautify our Main streetscape. Funding was also used to design and install three 8’ x 16’ Infrastructure Reflecting Signs within 20 km East, West and North of the Town.

The funding is made available by the Ontario Ministry of Agriculture, Food and Rural Affairs for all single-and lower-tier municipalities to implement local Community Improvement Plans and invest in municipal infrastructure to improve their downtown and main street areas.

Funding is upfront, allocation-based and projects are selected by municipal councils. Investments in main street areas help small business and tourism grow by attracting residents and visitors to communities.

 “It’s with these funding programs and the commitment of council, committees and volunteers that we are able to bring new life and new ideas to our community.” – Mayor Bill Rosenberg