Freon Appliance Round-Up 2024




Monday, June 3, 2024 to Monday, September 30, 2024

The Tri-Neighbours Board of Management will be sponsoring a Freon Appliance Round-Up beginning on Monday, June 3, 2024 and ending on Monday, September 30, 2024.  Large freon appliances such as fridges and freezers can be brought to the Transfer Sites located in the Town of Bruce Mines and the Town of Thessalon and the Waste Management Site (Landfill) on East Line Road during normal operating hours.  A Sticker must be purchased and applied to the appliance to be accepted in the sites.  These stickers are available at the transfer sites and the landfill site from the Site Attendant for a fee of $20.00 each.  This fee will cover the cost of removing the Freon from the appliance.  All doors must be removed from appliances by owner prior to bringing into the sites.

Small appliances such as dehumidifiers, air conditioners, mini fridges and freezers etc. can now be brought to the Waste Management Site and Thessalon Transfer Site and placed with the E-Waste at no charge to the residents all year round.

This event is only open to the residents of the Town of Bruce Mines, the Township of Plummer Additional and the Town of Thessalon.

Tri-Neighbours Board of Management