Huron St. Construction Update

Pioneer Construction is currently putting up traffic control signage for the road closure and detour route. They have advised that they will be closing Huron St. and the intersection of Main St. and Huron St. on Wednesday May 8, 2024.

Attention: Huron St. Construction

Pioneer Construction has advised us that they will begin laying out infrastructure for the temporary water system along Huron St. Essentially, piping will be laid parallel to Huron St along the property lines of the street and across driveways. Piping placed over driveways will have ramping placed over them to allow home owners to drive over the pipes. It is anticipated that Pioneer will begin work on tying the temporary water system to the Town’s water system as early as next Monday (May 6, 2024), where there will be temporary water service interruptions to residents in the Huron St area and potentially businesses on Main St. Pioneer is to provide us with a schedule for service interruptions in the very near future.

Government Road Bridge

Please be advised that the Government Road Bridge (the Red Bridge) weight limit is not to exceed 10 TONNES and the height limit is not to exceed 3.0 METRES.


TUESDAY, MAY 14, 2024 The 2024 Spring Clean-Up will allow residents to place large items such as, but not limited to, mattresses, couches, chairs, carpets, painted/stained wood furniture, etc. at curb side for pickup.  Carpet to be cut to 4-foot-wide rolls.  NO Untreated Wood, Brush, Leaves, White Goods, E-Waste or Metal.  NO Tires.  NO Construction Debris.  There is no limit on the number of clear garbage bags.  Recycling will be picked up on the normal schedule by a separate truck. GFL Environmental will be picking up the goods with a rear-load garbage truck.  Their employees will place your items in the truck.  Untreated wood, brush, leaves, white goods, metal and all electronics (computers, T.V.’s, phones, radios etc.) and goods for Give-A-Way Building must be taken to Transfer Site by residents. THESSALON TRANSFER SITE OPEN WILL BE OPEN SUNDAY, May 26, 2024 FROM 12 NOON TO 6 PM Thessalon Transfer Site accepts untreated wood, brush, leaves, white goods, metal, florescent and LED lightbulbs and all electronics (computers, T.V.’s, phones, radios etc). Give-A-Way Building Now Open Tires and Construction Debris must be self-hauled to the Rose Lake Landfill Site Thessalon Transfer Site Regular Hours are: Fridays April 1st – October 31st, from 3 p.m. – 7:00 p.m. 499 River Street Thessalon

Notice of Decision

Please see the attached Notice of Decision regarding the passing of a Temporary Use Zoning By-law Amendment.

Medical Centre Room Lease Opportunity

The Medical Centre located at 333 River St, Thessalon, Ontario is owned by the Corporation of the Town of Thessalon.   Suite 5 will become available for lease for interested parties in the dental care industry. Those interested are encouraged to submit an expression of interest to the undersigned on or before April 23, 2024 at 3:00 p.m. Debbie Rydall, Clerk-Treasurer 187 Main St. P.O. Box 220 Thessalon, ON P0R 1L0 [email protected]

Spring Hydrant Flushing

The annual Spring Hydrant flushing is scheduled for May 27-31, 2024. Please note that there may be periods of low pressure and discoloured water that week.

Tri-Neighbours Board of Management – Notice

Notice to Residents April 10, 2024 It has been noted that some residents are disposing of debris in the garbage cell that should be placed in the designated areas.  eg:  Tires, Freon Units, E-Waste, Metal.  All residents must properly sort the debris being brought into the Waste Management Site at 1314 East Line Road.  The Site Attendant must be able to determine what the debris is and where they need to direct the resident to properly dispose of that debris.  Please help us recycle. Tri-Neighbours Board of Management

Huron Street West Reconstruction Project

Huron Street Reconstruction Project Pioneer Construction is scheduled to begin construction the first week of May and will continue to the end of August insections of Huron Street & Main Street. The work will include the replacement of the existing watermain, sanitary sewers, storm sewers, excavation of the road base, replacement of curb and gutters, repaving of the road surface and entrances. Traffic Management: To accommodate road closure detours will be in place at Main Street intersection. Services Disruptions: Pedestrian access will be impacted, but not restricted. Households between Fullerton Bridge and Main St. will be affected for a short duration Please view full Notice of Construction attached. *PLEASE NOTE: Although the project will not be completed, arrangements have been made to open the roads for the Community Day weekend to allow events to continue as scheduled.  

Notice of Public Hearing

Please see attached Notice of Public Hearing. The Committee of Adjustment will be reviewing the submitted Minor Variance application on April 8, 2024 at 5:00 pm.