Effective Wednesday, May 20th with guidance from Provincial authorities, seasonal residents of Thessalon Lakeside Park will be allowed access to the Park. Visitors, transient/overnight camping is still prohibited at this time.

Due to the delay of the opening of the Park, Council has authorized an extension of the closing date to Monday, October 12, 2020.

The following restrictions will be in place and strictly enforced:

  • Washroom facilities will remain closed
  • Seasonal residents must be socially distanced from other residents and refrain from gathering.
  • The playground will remain closed.
  • The baseball field may be access for non-team sports such as walking, running, frisbee, or kicking a ball. Individuals who use the field for this purpose will be required to physically distance unless they are members of the same household.

As per the municipal fire ban in place, small contained fires will only be permitted for cooking and warmth.

The first installment date of May 9th, 2020 will be extended to June 1, 2020. The second installment due date will remain June 30th, 2020. Installment amounts and total fees will remain the same. Please ensure all paperwork is signed and returned to our office with your first payment.

 At this time the front gate will remained locked and seasonal residents may use the Dawson Street Entrance only.

Thank you for your cooperation.