Community Safety and Well-Being Survey

Your voice matters! We are inviting residents of the Town of Spanish, Township of the North Shore, Town of Blind River, Municipality of Huron Shores, and the Town of Thessalon, to participate in the Crime Prevention and Community Safety & Well-Being Survey.

This survey will help us understand the current well-being and feelings of safety of people in the community so we can work together to focus on local actions that will improve quality of life for everyone.

The survey is being administered by the Town of Spanish, Township of the North Shore, Town of Blind River, Municipality of Huron Shores, and the Town of Thessalon, on behalf of the North Shore Community Safety and Well-Being Plan Advisory Committee.

The survey includes questions about your day-to-day life, health, education, employment, safety, leisure, and recreation experiences, as well as what you think about living, working, and playing in your community.

By sharing your experiences and what matters to you, you help to shape a better life in our communities, determine our community priorities, and indicate where you think change is needed the most.

What is well-being and why does it matter?

Well-being is a measure of your quality of life and the things that are important to you. Better quality of life has been shown to result in improved physical and mental health. Well-being includes such things as feeling safe, feeling connected to your community and being able to participate fully in the activities you love. Your access to quality food and shelter, public transportation, the Internet, parks and the natural environment, clean water and health care impact your well-being.

Your community has a role to play in your well-being by providing services. You can help determine priorities by participating in a community-wide well-being and community safety survey.

To guide the development of our Community Safety Plan and to improve well-being in our community, it is important to know where help is needed most.

Completing the Community Safety and Well-Being Survey allows all of us to better understand how residents perceive their quality of life and safety within the community. The data collected will help governments and local service providers better plan by allocating resources where they are needed most. Without your input, the job of planning for the future is that much harder. Help plan for our collective future; take the Well-Being and Community Safety Survey today. The time you spend on the survey is around 10 minutes on average – it will be well worth it if you see changes where you need it most.

The Well-Being and Community Safety Survey is voluntary and anonymous. 

Visit the Well-Being and Community Safety Survey page at survey link.

This survey will be available until April 30, 2021.

Please consider promoting the survey to your networks, clients, co-workers, family members and friends. You can help improve well-being and safety in our communities by taking the survey today at survey link.

To request a paper copy, for help completing the survey, or for any other questions regarding the survey, please contact [email protected]

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