Thessalon Recreational Trails

Thessalon Coastal Trail Project

A major undertaking for the Recreational Trails Team was to develop the Thessalon Coastal Trail  in which the trailhead is located within the Town of Thessalon and on Town owned property. The Town of Thessalon has been awarded funding to complete a  walkway that will pass over accreted land. These walkways will allow all the trails to extend to small islands which will provide world class views of Thessalon and Lake Huron.  Construction on walkway one is to take place in Spring of 2023. 


Stewart Highlands

The Stewart Highlands Trails are located on the North Side of Highway 17 adjacent to the Town of Thessalon. The Trails entrance is located at Fire Marker 12706 off of Highway 17, opposite of McPhee Road.

The ski trails are groomed for Classic Ski. Other activities such as hiking, snowshoeing, and biking are welcome on the trails however we ask these users to stay off the ski tracks.

The ski trails would not be possible without the generosity of the property owners who allow the trails to cross their properties. These trails are operated by the Town of Thessalon’s Recreational Trails Team and maintained by many volunteers.

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Always let someone know where you are going. 

Follow the signage to stay on the trails, be aware of your surroundings and trail conditions. 

Leave no trace – what you bring in, you bring out.

Do not disturb the wildlife.

No overnight camping, fires or smoking on the trails. 

Explore and enjoy!