The Town of Thessalon is committed to making documents accessible that can be shared on our website for viewing wherever possible; however, there are circumstances where it becomes difficult to do so; such as historical documents, complex technical date, mapping, etc.

In stating this, the municipality will assist whenever needed by sending an accessible alternative and providing assistance. Please send your request to [email protected] if you require a document sent in accessible formats or communication supports.

Accessibility Plan - Town of Thessalon

Annual Status Report 2022

Accessible Customer Service Feedback Form- Online Submission

Accessibility Report for 2022 Municipal Election

Accessible Customer Service Policy

Accessible Design of Public Spaces Policy

Accessible Digital Format Policy

Accessible Employment Policy

Accessible Information and Communications Standard Policy

Accessible Procurement Policy

Accessible Training Policy

Accessible Transportation Policy

Accessibility Compliance Report 2023

Annual Status Report 2023


Emergency Management

The Municipality is required to develop an Emergency Management Plan to ensure that we are prepared for potential emergency. The program includes an Emergency Management Plan, public education activities, training and exercises.

If you require the Emergency Management Plan in an accessible format or appropriate communication supports please contact [email protected] and support will be provided as soon as possible.

Emergency Response Plan

2024 Fire Community Risk Assessment