How to Play!

Visit and enjoy the shops, businesses and restaurants of Thessalon and the surrounding Community to find Waldo!

To participate and for a chance to win take your picture with the Waldo! Post your picture on social media using the hashtags:



Tag the Business you found Waldo on your social media! (Make sure your posts are public or we can’t see them!)

Or if you do not wish to participate on social media, sign your Waldo Passport with where you found the Waldo within the business! (*One passport per family)

We will also have a wandering Waldo dressed up in a costume walking around Thessalon throughout the month that participants can take their picture with for an additional entry.

Please post you pictures or submit your Waldo passport to the Municipal Office on or before August 1, 2024.

First Prize is $250.00 Waldo Town Bucks

Second Prize is a Chilly Moose Bucket Cooler donated by Thessalon Home Hardware

Third Prize is a remote Bronco and cap donated by Maitland Ford Lincoln